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Enhancing the Health and Welfare

of Central Bucks County and Surrounding Communities

Planned Giving

The VIA’s 1895 Society encourages and tracks contributions to the VIA and all VIA committees. These gifts initiate or support programs now and in the future that enhance the quality of life in our community or offset expenses or continuing costs of the organization. How to Contribute?

Donations to the VIA are accepted in any amount in any of the following ways:

  • Gifts in the form of cash or check
  • Legacy or bequest through a will or estate plan
  • Gifts of life insurance, retirement fund proceeds or other assets

Donations can be made to the VIA or directed to one of its mission-driven funds including Welfare, Women’s Scholarships, the James-Lorah Memorial Home, and Community Response, or other funds including the Veterans’ Committee. Donations are also accepted in honor of or in memory of a VIA member or non-member.

Please click here to download the VIA Donor Intention Form

Donation Recognition

Donations are recognized in the VIA Annual Giving Report for the fiscal year in which they are received. There is no minimum contribution level to be included in the report. Donors are grouped by dollar ranges of total contributions for that fiscal year.

Click HERE to see our annual Giving reports.

For more information about the 1895 Society or Planned Giving please contact us at Donate@VIA-Doylestown.org.

VIA Legacy Campaign

What is your Legacy? As a past-president of the Village Improvement Association, it is an honor to represent our organization and the amazing women who comprise it. It is with great pride that I recall the history of how the VIA was founded and the strong women who have continued the mission for the past 125 years. Today, we proudly carry that banner forward. The efforts of the VIA on behalf of our fellow residents have resulted in making the Doylestown area and Central Bucks County a strong, more vibrant and healthier place to live. We have supported the needy, encouraged educational goals, lifted veterans, and championed numerous community projects. We have done all of this while providing governance for the award-winning, state-of-the-art Doylestown Health System that we founded in 1923 and which continues to make us proud today.

My hope is that the VIA will continue to provide service to the community well into the future. As part of my legacy, along with the countless women who preceded me, I have personally committed my time, energy, financial support and estate planning to help ensure that the legacy continues.

At this time, I invite you to become a building block for the organization’s future as well. Enclosed is a brochure on the VIA Legacy Campaign which we are launching in this our 125th anniversary year. The brochure lists numerous ways that you can ensure the future of this remarkable organization through
financial gifts now – or as part of your estate. Please take a moment to reflect on what the Village Improvement Association’s mission and rich history mean to you. Then, consider one of the suggestions in the brochure and make it part of your legacy.

Those who choose to include the VIA in their estate planning will become members of the VIA Legacy League. If you would like additional information, please see our website or email donate@VIA-doylestown.org. 

Thank you for all you do to keep the VIA vital and to advance its mission in our community.

Joyce A. Hanson

Click here to learn more about the VIA Legacy Campaign

2022 – Legacy League Inaugural Brunch Press Release