House Museum Tours

Plan Your Visit to Tour the James-Lorah Memorial Home

As you enter this home, it is like a step back in time. Each room of the James-Lorah Memorial Home is a beautifully preserved treasure. From the rooms that were the center of Dr. James’ medical practice to the elegantly furnished front parlor, visitors will feel that they are in a cherished family home.

Among rooms to be visited is the Music Room with its intricately carved, square piano. As you ascend to the second floor, you will see a stained-glass window of St. Cecilia. Discover the bedroom in which Henry Mercer was born, the elegantly appointed Master Bedroom with adjoining Morning Room, and the newly opened Dollhouse Room.

Soon to be opened is the Collection Room which will house our library of books dating back to the 1800s. Subjects include medicine, law, religion and fiction, as well as personal books belonging to the James and Lorah families. In this room will be displayed some of the medical instruments that were used by Dr. James.

The James-Lorah Memorial Home is a house-museum commemorating the families who have occupied it. Today it continues to contribute to the ongoing life of the community and the Village Improvement Association. It has been listed since 1972 on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tours of this home may be arranged from Monday through Saturday by calling 215-348-2187.