How We Operate

The VIA is governed by a Board of Directors headed by the President who is assisted in her duties by a First Vice and Second Vice President.

The Recording Secretary keeps an accurate record of proceedings at VIA meetings, and the Corresponding Secretary conducts necessary correspondence of the Association and is responsible for overseeing the monthly newsletter.

The Treasurer is assisted in her duties by the Assistant Treasurer in matters of receiving, depositing and distributing monies for the VIA, except for those otherwise designed by the Bylaws.

These officers are elected for a period of two years.

The Board of Directors is composed of twenty-two members; Seven elected VIA officers (described above), the Vice President of Health Services, the President/CEO of Doylestown Health Foundation, the Immediate Past President of the VIA, eight Chairs of Standing Committees, a Parliamentary Advisor, and five members-at-large. This Board is authorized to exercise the powers of the general membership between meetings, should the need arise.

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